Second MICAS Welcomes iGLOBE Technology

The organizers of the Second Mindanao Internet Cafe Associations Summit welcomes the participation of iGLOBE Technology as one of our exhibitors on February 18 and 19, 2010 at the SM City Davao, Davao city.

Company Profile

iGLOBE Technology – building and customizing your network to provide interconnection, efficient means of communication and reliable access to data anytime, anywhere!”

iGLOBE Technology Marketing Corporation is the premier distributor of I.T. Networking products, Internet Appliance/devices with special applications to provide affordable network and security solutions to small, medium and large internet cafe, enterprises, schools and homes in the Philippines. With offices and partners in abroad and locally, we are able to continuously develop our product lines to constantly bring our clients the latest technology today.

We are also the Sole Distributor of QNO Multi ISP Load Balance Router in the Philippines since 2002. Wth the fast growing of internet applications, iGlobe and QNO hand in hand together to deliver a more reliable, affordable and high performance Multi ISP iCafe Load Balance Router for the local internet cafe community.

QNO Multi ISP iCafe Router support 2 ~ 8 Internet Connections. Multi ISP provides iCafe with more bandwidth to increase speed. Automatic Failover gives iCafe operation with NO DOWNTIME..

All ISP bandwidth can be utilized simultaneous according to the speed provided, built-in Bandwidth Limiter allow equal distribution of bandwidth and proper management of bandwidth in the iCafe network to prevent LAG. Session Controller effectively limit the session used by the P2P users, Keyword and URL Filter restrict unwant web sites.User friendly design of GUI allow iCafe owner or network admin to configure the appliance more easy even without IT background. With QNO iCafe Router, Bandwidth Usage of each workstation and Site Access can be monitor by the iCafe Admin.

This Total Broadband network experience accelerates customer success and Internet economy aiming to increase efficiency and productivity as it streamlines work and decrease travel costs without sacrificing personal communication vital to business relations. This brings us to the heart of the matter where costs are reduced and revenues increased.

Office Address & Contact Information:

Office Address: Unit K, 3/F Gilmore Commercial Plaza, Gilmore Ave., New Manila, Quezon City.

Tel. Nos: 4257828/3576249/5832897/410-4787/412-3201/412-3200

Email Address:

Websites: ;


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