Second MICAS Welcomes GEM as a Gold Event Partner in the Summit

The organizers of the Second Mindanao Internet Café Associations Summit would like to express its deep gratitude to the support given by the Genuine Equity for Mindanao Program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Their active participation in this event shows their belief that that internet cafes could be considered as tools that would aid in the economic development and the promotion of peace in Mindanao.

The GEM-2 Program

Operates throughout Mindanao, but has a special focus on the conflict affected areas of Mindanao (CAAM).

Has two related principal objectives:

  • to help bring about and consolidate peace in Mindanao
  • to accelerate economic growth in Mindanao and help assure that as many people as possible, including members of cultural and religious minorities, benefit from the economic growth.

Works with producers’ associations and cooperatives, NGOs, the Mindanao Business Council, the ARMM Business Council, chambers of commerce, local governments, the Government of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, national government line agencies, bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, private firms, and other organizations and individuals working to bring about equitably distributed economic growth and strengthened peace in Mindanao.

Provides limited financial support, on a cost-sharing basis, to producer groups and other organizations working to bring about equitably distributed economic growth in Mindanao.

Designs/constructs community infrastructure such as; potable water and irrigation systems, farm-to-market road improvements, boat landings, warehouses and solar dryers and mid-scale infrastructure such as road and port improvements to facilitate economic growth.

Operates the Livelihood Enhancement and Peace, or LEAP Program to assist former combatants of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) make the transition from guerillas to commercial-level farmers and fishermen. With USAID support and other program partners, it has, provided over 23,000 former MNLF combatants with technical assistance and training, agricultural and aquaculture production inputs, and post harvest equipment and support facilities.

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