Internet Cafe Association of Davao (ICAD) Inc.


Current Office Address: Centerpoint Plaza, Matina, Davao City

Telephone/Cell phone Number: (82) 297-7594 Fax No. (82) 297-7593

Website: www.icad.ph

Date Organized: 1998

Area of Operations: Davao City

Number of Members: 57 at present

icad3Objectives of the Organization:

ICAD was created to promote the welfare of the operation of the Internet Cafes in Davao City, advancing the interest of the internet café operators, its stakeholders and the community.

What was the situation prevailing that made you decide to organize the internet café association in your area?

The very high cost of connectivity, the persistent issue about pornography in the internet and the complains of schoolchildren’s presence in the internet cafes were the major concerns that glued the café operators to form an industry association.

What are the problems encountered in your day to day operations in your association?

The most common problem encountered in the daily operations of the association are the same problems most industry associations encounter, operating funds. The association collects just a minimal membership fee and funds generated from conduct of events are not substantial. Another problem would be the lack of active members and officers that will carry through the objectives of the organization.

Projects initiated, finished, currently work in process and statusicad2

Projects initiated:

2004 – Community Project: “Educating the Youth through IT”,

2007: e-Lympics and 1st Micas,

2008 1st Davao City Internet Café Summit.

Current project in process:

2nd MICAS in tandem with I-Cafe Pilipinas

Recognition or Awards Received

2007 – Certificate of Appreciation from the DTI (Department of Trade & Industry for the contribution in the creation of Compostela Valley Internet Café Association.

ICAD_groupPresent Set of Officers:

President : Adolfo C. Solanor Sr

Vice President : George Ang

Secretary : Asuncion B. Tabacon

Treasurer : Digna Borja

Assistant Treasurer : Fuenticilla, Avelyn

Trustee-Marketing : Jason, Chiongson

Trustee-Government Affairs : Jujo Fabro

Trustee-Audit : Ma. Corazon V. Uy

Trustee-Non-Government Affairs : Glorijen C. Llave

Trustee-Public Relations : Jason Bacaro

Trustee-Project Developments : Reynaldo Montiel

Ex- Officio : Yvonne F. Cabada

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